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          The Department of Geography, part of the Faculty of History and Geography, represents a unitary structure with a history of more than 45 years. Its foundation and subsequent development were due to big names that were either part of the staff or its managers over the years: Nicolae Popp, Laurian Somesan, Ion Bojoi, Ion Popescu - Argesel.
          Such illustrious creators of Geography school opened the way for many generations. The present Geography Department is young and made up of 15 members eager to face the challenges of the university didactic activity and of the research in the field of nature sciences.
          Our efforts will be the more accomplished the more high school graduates will turn their steps towards our accredited or authorized specializations. Thus, through the specializations Geography, Tourism Geography and Environmental Geography we try to be ready for the labour market, which is in continuous transformation. By means of the equipment we have we are ready to meet the requirements imposed by the future students. We hope that the Department of Geography will represent a polarization centre for the north-eastern region of Romania, for Moldova and for south-western Ukraine and that it will face the challenge imposed by the international requirements.

Universitatii 13, 720229 Suceava, Romania
Head of Department
Fax: +40 230 523742
E-mail: dumitrum@atlas.usv.ro
Department Secretary:
Phone: +40 230 216147 / 561
E-mail: rodicag@atlas.usv.ro



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          The Geography Department belongs to the faculty of History and Geography. Its members have a didactic and a research activity in both traditional and more recent domains of geography.
          The ARACIS quality assessment of the geographic education in Suceava considered it offered a "high level of trust". This qualification was obtained after the institutional assessment of the "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava in 2008.

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