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Status: visiting PhD professor

Phone: +4 0230 216147 / 589

Fax: +40230-523742

Room number: ED005

E-mail: i.s.evans@durham.ac.uk


Postal address: University of Suceava, Universitatii 13, RO 720225, Suceava, ROMANIA


1961-64 Cambridge University, St. Catharine's College. Geographical Tripos (College Scholar, State Scholar).
RESULTS: Preliminary: First Class. Part One: First Class. Part Two: Upper Second Class. 1964 B.A. Dissertation ‘Geomorphology of the Fuladi basin and Bamian area, central Afghanistan’, 98pp. School: 1948-54 Heswall C. of E. School: 1954-61 Birkenhead School

PhD in Physical Geography Ph.D. Dissertation: ‘The geomorphometry and asymmetry of glaciated mountains, with special reference to the Bridge River District, British Columbia’ 527 pp., 1974 Supervisor: R.J. Chorley. Ph.D. Examiners: M.J. Kirkby & C. Embleton. "

Research Interests :

  • Geomorfometrie
  • Circuri şi gheţari
  • Glaciaţie montană
  • Analiză cantitativă
  • Analiză cartografică
  • Fractale

Representative Publications :

Evans, I. S., R. Dikau, E. Tokunaga, H. Ohmori and M. Hirano (eds.) 2003 ‘Concepts and modelling in Geomorphology: International Perspectives’. Tokyo: Terrapub, 254 pp. available on-line at http://www.terrapub.co.jp/e-library/ohmori/index.html

Elizabeth Haworth, George de Boer, Evans, I. S., Henry Osmaston, Winifred Pennington, Alan Smith, Philip Storey, and Brian Ware 2003 ‘Tarns of the Central English Lake District: depth surveys and the environmental context.’ Ambleside, Cumbria: Brathay Exploration Group Trust. 204 pp. ISBN 0 90601517 0 (Evans 20%)

Clarke, J.I., Dewdney, J.C., Evans, I. S.., Rhind, D.W., Visvalingam, M. & Denham, C. 1980 People in Britain: a census atlas. 132 pp. HMSO, for O.P.C.S. Also: `People in Britain, a wall chart', published by COI for O.P.C.S. (Evans 17%)

Articles(2001-2009) :

Evans, I. S. 2006a Local aspect asymmetry of mountain glaciation: A global survey of consistency of favoured directions for glacier numbers and altitudes. Geomorphology 73 (1-2), 166-184.
Evans, I. S. 2006b Glacier distribution in the Alps: statistical modelling of altitude and aspect. Geografiska Annaler 88 A (2), 115-133.
Evans, I. S. 2006c Allometric development of glacial cirque form: geological, relief and regional effects on the cirques of Wales. Geomorphology 80 (3-4), 245-266.
Evans, I. S. 1999 Was the cirque glaciation of Wales time-transgressive or not? Annals of Glaciology, 28, 33-39 ‘Glaciers & the Glaciated Landscape’).
Evans, I. S. 1996 Abraded rock landforms (whalebacks) developed under ice streams in mountain areas. Annals of Glaciology 22, 9-16 (‘Glacial Erosion & Sedimentation’)
Evans, I. S. 1990 Climatic effects on glacier distribution across the southern Coast Mountains, B.C., Canada. Annals of Glaciology 14, 58-64 (Ice & Climate).
Evans, I. S. 1980 An integrated system of terrain analysis and slope mapping. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, N.F. Supplementband 36, 274-295
Evans, I. S. 1977 World-wide variations in the direction and concentration of cirque and glacier aspects. Geografiska Annaler 59A, No 3-4, 151-175
Evans, I. S. 1977 The selection of class intervals. Transactions, Institute of British Geographers, N.S. 2 No. 1, 98-124
Evans, I. S. 1970 Salt crystallization and rock weathering; a review. Revue de Géomorphologie dynamique 19, 153-177, 142 refs.

Other links

http://geomorphometry.org/book.asp for 'Geomorphometry: concepts, software, applications', 2009
http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0123743451 http://2009.geomorphometry.org/1st_call.htm Book, History of the Study of Landforms v.4, 2008:
http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/gsl/publications/bookshop/page3493.html Book, Concepts and Modelling in Geomorphology, 2003

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