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   The Department of Geography, within the Faculty of History and Geography, represents a unitary structure due to its history longer than 50 years. The creation and, then, the development of this department were due to the important names which, in different period of times, were part of this collective and, some of them, leaded it: Nicolae Popp, Laurian Somesan, Ion Bojoi, Ion Popescu - Argesel, Constantin Catana, Costica Brandus, Ioan Iosep si Nicolae Radoane.
   Such magisters and creators of geographical schools have opened a way on which are now passing those that try to follow it and which now form the collective of the Department of Geography. This group is a mature collective composed of 15 members eager to accomplish the didactics and the geographical scientific research requirements of the university. The number of the permanent professors is completed with a total of over 30 associate professors and researchers.
   The didactic activity is the main mission of our department, numerous generations of high school graduates choosing every year the accredited specialization offered by it. Through the undergraduate specializations (Geography, Geography of Tourism and Environmental Geography) and MSc specializations (Tourism and Regional Development, GIS and Spatial Planning) whose programs were constantly renewed, we are trying to adapt ourselves to the job market, which is in constant transformation. Due to the equipments that we have in our spaces of education and research, we can meet the demands imposed by prospective undergraduate, master and PhD students.
   The Department of Geography of Suceava is a center of polarization for the North-East Region of Romania, for Moldova and for SW Ukraine and meets the challenges imposed by national and international requirements.
   The research is the second pillar on which the geographic education of Suceava relies. Over time, in the Department of Geography numerous research projects were (and are) conducted, engaging professors, researchers, doctoral and master students. The doctoral studies have become a well established activity, being carried on under the leadership of a group of four academics. The Department of Geography holders are internationally visible through scientific articles published in reputable journals.


   The ARACIS education quality ratings of the geographical school of Suceava placed it in the "high trust", according to the evaluations of the "Stefan cel Mare" University and the Department of Geography that took place in 2008 and 2013.

Scientific events.   Significant scientific results

Les friches minieres: paysage culturel et enjeu de developpement rural. Regards croises entre Bucovine et Wallonie

On May 3rd, 2018, within The International Book Saloon Alma Mater Librorum of USV, took place the presentation of the book Les friches minieres: paysage culturel et enjeu de developpement rural. Regards croises entre Bucovine et Wallonie (eds.: Viorel CHIRITA & Serge SCHMITZ, 2017, Liege: Atelier des Presses, 199p. (voir Orbi)).


Prefaceri Contemporane in Organizarea Spatiului Bucovinean

On April 26th, 2018, took place the Workshop "Prefaceri Contemporane in Organizarea Spatiului Bucovinean", within the annual working meeting of History and Retrology Society, Suceava Branch. The workshop was organized by assoc. prof. Ph.D. Viorel CHIRITA and assist. prof. Ph.D. Maria Magdalena LUPCHIAN


"Field studies in orthotidal potamology" Workshop

The workshop is organized within the scientific research project with the same name on September 30th, 2017. Responsible person: assist. prof. Andrei-Emil BRICIU.



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