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GeoReview. Scientific Annals of „Stefan cel Mare” University. Geography Series (ISSN 1583-1469) is the official journal of the Department of Geography, University of Suceava, Romania. The journal accespts both physical and human geography studies.

Our objectives are to publish a high quality scientific journal under the auspices of the broad scientific committee board. The policy of our journal is to publish peer reviewed collected research papers from conferences, symposia, workshops and sponsored meetings. Such meetings supported by the GeoReview Journal are the Workshop on Interdisciplinarity in Geoscience in the Carpathian Basin (18-21 October 2012, Suceava), the International Symposium on Environment Quality and Land Use (May 2013, Suceava), organized by the Department of Geography within the University of Suceava, and other conferences too.

We grant free access to the full manuscripts of the papers published in the GeoReview journal (available from 2001 to present). You can search for items of interest using a word in the title, the list of published volumes, the index of authors or the keyword list. Furthermore, the full versions of the papers can be downloaded in .pdf format; however, this option is currently available solely for the latest issues of the journal.

All the necessary information regarding the journal, including the Editing Requirements Guide and how to contact us, is found in the links above. The GeoReview Journal is endorsed by the Department of Geography, Stefan cel Mare University.

Potential Guest Editors who are interested in proposing a thematic volume are kindly requested to contact the Managing Editor, Marcel Mindrescu, at the e-mail address marcel.mindrescu@gmail.com.

Until 2012, the official name of the journal was “Scientific Annals of „Stefan cel Mare” University. Geography Series”. Its current title retains the former name, which has become a subtitle to a more recognizable designation for the international scientific audience.
The new series of the journal can be found at a new website address www.georeview.ro.

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