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Through science and tolerance,
to cooperation and integration

    "Codrul Cosminului" is a bi-annual academic journal that focuses primarily on the results of scientific research inspired by historical and cultural phenomena. Since 1995, it re-engages a tradition on publishing the Chernovcy University journal, that used to appear in the inter-war period (1924-1939). Preserving the practice of ethnic, cultural, and confessional tolerance and cooperation in the former Duchy of Bukovina and promoting the humanistic values, the journal is open to cooperation with representatives from the academic, scientific, and cultural community. Without limiting the scope of research to a certain geographical area or to a certain historical period, "Codrul Cosminului" covers a wide spectrum of approaches, inter- and multidisciplinary aspects of analysis, including developments in analytical methodology, instrumentation and interpretation. It publishes empirical, theoretical and methodological articles.
    The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. "Codrul Cosminului" does not accept papers that have been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere. The editorial staff does not charge any submission or processing fee.

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Department of Human, Social and Political Sciences, 2006 - 2017
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