The main topics of the CUCIS

CUCIS ensures the necessary support for carrying out some PhD themes, for a master’s degree and academic degree, while providing favourable conditions for the development of the necessary research abilities of future specialists in the field of human sciences. Among the high-ranking accomplishments, a few scientific studies published in the last 3 years by famous reviews and Publishing Houses deserve special mention:
- Dumitru Vitcu, Die Emigration der osteuropäischen Juden nach Amerika Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts (Motivationen Strategien und politische Hintergrunde), in vol. Südosteuropa im 20. Jahrhundert. Ethnostrukturen, Identitäten, Konflikte, edited by Flavius Solomon, Alexander Rubel, Alexandru Zub, Iasi-Konstanz, 2004.
- Vasile Demciuc, La Chiesa ortodossa di Moldavia (secoli XIV-XV). Qualche aspetto della cultura religiosa, in vol. Aspeti della cultura religiosa ortodossa medievale, Edizioni Monastero Ortodossa S. Antonio Abate Campo di Carne, Roma, 2005.
- Florin Pintescu, Considerations regarding the military Moldavian-Polish cooperation in the period of the Moghila dynasty (1595-1616), in the “Review of History of Moldavia”, Kishinev, no. 1-2 (61-62), 2005, pp. 99-114.
- Stefan Purici, Harieta Mareci, Crina Cristina Capota, Vasile Vese, Frontiers and identities: an Approach to the Last Fifteen Years of Romanian Historiography, in Frontiers and Identities: Exploring the Research Area, Pisa, 2006, pp.175-208.
- Dinu Balan, Integration or Assimilation: Ethno-cultural Frontiers and the (De)Construction of Jewish Identity during the 19th Century in the Romanian Lands <>, Pisa, Edizioni Plus - Pisa University Press, 2007, pp. 189-203

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