Cooperation projects:

The Carpathica University Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies is in active cooperation with the Yuri Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi, the “Bucovina” Institute of the Romanian Academy and “Bukowina-Institut” from Augsburg (Germany). CUCIS is open to collaboration with any specialized institutions from neighbouring countries and beyond, for the purpose of carrying out its objectives.
The members of the centre are involved in the development of various national and international projects, financed by CNCSIS and the European Commission. Consequently, historians from Suceava participated in FP-6 and Erasmus programs:
· Creating Links and innovative Overviews for a new History research agenda for the Citizens of a growing Europe, contract no. 006164, European Commission FP-6, contract manager Stefan Purici, period of development 2005-2010.
· Creating Links and innovative Overviews to Enhance Historical Perspective in European Culture, European Commission, Erasmus program, contract manager Harieta Mareci, period of development 2006-2008.
· Creating a New Historical Perspective: EU and the Wider World, as a proposed new 3 year project, Erasmus program, contract manager Harieta Mareci Sabol, period of development 2008-2011.
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